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My Personal Story 

My name is Brenda Brummer.  I live in Dumfries, Virginia, about 35 miles south of Washington DC.  I work full time under contract for the federal government as a Contract Specialist.

When I first heard of Reliv, in late March 2008, I had been dealing with what I called “a lot of little annoyances”.  I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking at about 1:00 A.M., tossing and turning till about 5:00 A.M., finally falling back to sleep when I should be rising to get ready for work.  I had persistent sinus congestion and usually had to use a decongestant spray most days and every night, so I could breathe and get to sleep.  I also had a persistent cough from years of bouts of bad colds and bronchitis.  When I moved to Virginia, I realized that pollen, mold and other airborne elements made me feel congested along with other symptoms.  I had begun to have attacks of acid reflux in the middle of the night, and that one concerned me, as I knew that if it became more frequent and persistent, the acid could erode my esophageal tissue.  As I keep tending to “mature”, I was developing knee and hip joint discomfort, my knees sounding and feeling as if they were full of gravel.  I was also experiencing “the change” and having lots of “personal summers”.

I began to take Reliv in early April 2008, starting with the “mighty three”, or the basics, Reliv Classic, Innergize! and FibRestore.  With my very first shake, I slept through the night for the first time in many, many months, and my sleep consistently improved.  My acid reflux issues have decreased significantly since taking the Reliv Products.  In the next few days, I began to feel improvement in my sinus congestion.  It’s rare now that I have to use a decongestant spray.  In the next few months, I discovered that my knee and hip joint discomforts and the “gravel” in my knees have subsided.  I got through that inevitable “change” far more quickly and easily than I had anticipated.

Then in September 2011, three and one-half years later, I suddenly contracted a staph infection.  After seven days of onset of symptoms, in debilitating discomfort, I entered the hospital.  Having consistently taken my Reliv shakes, and enhancing my immune system as they had, the Reliv Products provided my body with this great nutrition and greatly helped me to get through a long hospital stay and several months of recovery.

I am here today to tell you about this marvelous Company and these amazing Products that we have available, to share information with you about what they can do for you and your loved ones, to share with you about the Business Opportunity and help you to either build your own successful business and help more people just like yourself, or just to try the Products for yourself and your family and share your results with all those other people about whom you care across the nation and around the world.  I thank God that I was introduced to Reliv, and I’m here to tell the entire world that we’ve truly “struck gold” for our health and our finances alike.  I hope you will join the Reliv family and help us to spread the word, to help thousands of other people enjoy a wonderful healthy life and a fabulous lifestyle – and live the dream – as we march ahead into the future.  “Don’t just live ­– Reliv!”